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The Two Types Of Bowls: The Crystal Bowls And The Metallic And Their Preferential Properties

The beautiful sounds of the singing bowls have made them to be venerated the world over for being quite instrumental as for healing, spirituality and meditation. These bowls come in a variety of sounds, sizes and types and as such they are not all designed equal.

When you are considering buying any of the available singing bowls, the first consideration you will need to keep in mind is the type of material that the bowl is made of. Singing bowls are often made of two main materials and these are often metal and or crystal which have their special characteristics setting them apart. Below, we will look at the specifics of these particular materials and types of these instruments.

Popular forms of the singing bowls are often those made of metallic materials. Collectors of these instruments can enjoy the variety presented in these metallic forms of these instruments given the fact that they have been used from the historical years in the Himalayas, Tibet, and Japan. Their beauty is added in their ability to produce a multiplicity of sounds at one strike and this serves to make their production quite warm and vibrant. The bowls vary at large in appearance as you will find the plain bronze types and others being of intricate carved patterns and designs. The metallic bowls are regarded for durability and ease of convenience in carrying from place to place without the consequential fear of getting them damaged, all due to the fact that their make material being as equally durable.

The modern versions of these devices are coming in the form of the crystal singing bowls. Crystal bowls, often made of quartz, will have a characteristic feature also in the quality and type of sound they will produce-their sound being the type which will be really piercing and long in note unlike that of the metallic singing bowls which are of a multiple nature in a single stroke. This as such makes them ideal for the users who will be of the preference for a bowl which will be targeting a particular tone for whatever reason. When you get to the appearance they have, we have the frosted and the clear types, however there are some collectors who have the colored ones. The crystal quartz-made singing bowls are best for aesthetics but quite unfit for the ones who are to carry them all over since they are very fragile and delicate.

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